Wireless Ad Hoc, Internet Connection Sharing, Host: Windows XP, Client Windows 7

Host: Windows XP, Netbook Acer Aspire One, Modem HSPA Sierra 21 Mbps.

Ketika Modem diaktifkan, pada folder Network Connection muncul pada bagian LAN or High-Speed Internet, Icon Wireless Network Connection 6.

Open Wireless Network Connection 6 –> Properties –> Advanced:

– Click Settings … pada bagian windows firewall –> off

– Pada bagian Internet Connection Sharing: Click Allow other network users to connect through this computer’s Internet connection. Choose Wireless Network Connection pada box Home networking Connection

The IP address for wireless network adapter for wifi (ad hoc)  will be automatically set IP Address and subnet mask, when you configure wireless network adapter with device modem HSPA for internet connection sharing as above

– Click OK

Don’t forget if you install antivirus, to off the firewall in the antivireus proram. In my case is McAfee –> choose off for firewall

Nex Step, still in XP, folder Network Connection:

– Open Wireless Network Connections with device Wireless Network Adapter

– Click Properties –> Wireless Networks:

– Click Advanced –> Choose Computer-to-Computer (ad hoc) networks only –> Close

–  Click Add… for Preferred Network

– Part Association: Fill Network Name (SSID): (for exampel) Reza, Tick the box for Connect even if this network is not broadcasting, Choose Open for Network Authentication, Choose Disabled for Data encryption, Tick The key is provided for me automatically

– Click part Connection: Tick connect when this network is in range

Host Part XP is finish

Client Win 7

– Open Network and Sharing Center

– Click Change adapter settings

– Click twice at Wireless Connection with Device Wireless Network Adapter (Wifi for ad hoc)

– Click Properties

– Part Networking: Click Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IP v4), click properties, IP Address:, Subnet Mask:, Gateway:, DNS: –> OK –> Close –> Close

After we finish to set all of this

Connect wireless connection to SSID Reza for both of the computer with XP and also Win 7

Alhamdulillah : )


We do not have to set IP Static, we can use IP Address automatic for client side.

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