Surat Motivasi (Letter Motivation) Untuk Aplikasi PhD

Ada sahabat bareng ketika sedang S2 di ITB tempo hari sedang minta contoh letter of motivation saya ketika apply S3. Karena sahabat saya ini akan presentasi proposal research dia langsung di depan profesor.

Sekalian saja saya share di sini, untuk nambah-nambah amal jariah di alam kubur aamiin. Siapa tahu ada satu dua kalimat yang bisa dipakai.

Ini adalah salah satu syarat saya ketika apply S3 di JAIST. Tapi bahasa Inggris waktu itu jelek banget ya, padahal TOEIC sudah 860 skor-nya waktu tahun 2012.

Sehingga, saya revisi saja yang salah-salah di bawah ini. Jadi, ini versi revisi, tapi tidak merubah rasa dan makna versi original. Kalau mau lihat versi yang salah-salah atau versi bad English saya atau broken English, japri saja ya.

Saya jadi mengerti kenapa para sensei saya tak ada berhentinya berusaha memperbaiki bahasa Inggris saya selama hampir 4 tahun tersebut.


Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology
1-1 Asahidai, Nomi, Ishikawa, 923-1292, JAPAN

Statement of Professional Goals
(研 究 計 画 書)

Please state the research subject (your purpose and objective). You can include your research career and publications, if any. Feel free to add an extra page in any form if necessary.

I have a mission in my academic plan to complete my study up to Doctoral Degree in Telecommunication Engineering which is the highest degree in academic field. This is part of my life planning having several targets in education such as to hold a Master Degree, Doctoral Degree, and to become International Reference with the maximum of age of 30, 35, and 40 years old, respectively.

My education background with Bachelor Degree from Electrical Department of Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB), the finest university in Indonesia with international reputation, provides me an excellence knowledge in Electrical Engineering field, especially in Electromagnetic Wave, Antenna and Propagation, and Electronic Communication. Furthermore, I achieved high mark of these courses held in Transmission Radio and Microwave Laboratory, ITB. Moreover, my final project regarding the Stream Control Transport Protoloc (SCTP) as well as the courses, taken in Telematic Laboratory, ITB, complete my knowledge background in Telecommunication Engineering.

After I graduated from the Bachelor program in 2014, I continued my career path in Siemens Indonesia as Microwave Service Engineer for one year. In this company, I performed the installation and commissioning work of plesiochronous digital hierarchy (PDH) and synchronous digital hierarchy (SDH) microwave radio for access and backbone of mobile telecommunication infrastructure in Indonesia. I have learned many things regarding the microwave point-to-point radio and also the mobile telecommunication second generation (2G) in this company.

After one year in Siemens Indonesia, I continued my career path to enchance my telecommunication knowledge in Ericsson Indonesia for almost 5 years as Solution Engineer for Microwave, Transmission and Broadband Network. In this company, I have also learned so many things to complete my knowledge of end-to-end telecommunication technology as well as the business process. Furthermore, I continued to learn the PDH and SDH microwave radio systems. Then, I have expanded my knowledge to hybrid and packet ethernet, internet procotol (IP), and pseudowire radios. I have also learned the 3G, long term evolution (LTE) technology of 4G, quality of service (QoS), multiprotocol label switching (MPLS), dense wavelength division multiplexing (DWDM), optical networks, metro ethernet, etc.

As a Solution Engineer, I have a role in the front side of the business for bidding and negotiation to obtain the contracts from the mobile communication operator companies. Also, I have received so many trainings regarding the newest products, future roadmap of technologies, and softskills. In 2008, I have been chosen as the Microwave Champion in Ericsson Indonesia to lead the technical things of microwave radio products and to increase the product selling in Indonesia. Also, the other responsibility is to share the knowledge to the other colleagues in South East Asia and Australia region. Finally, my achievement in this company was completed with receiving the award of top 10% high performer of Ericsson employee.

As the leader of technical thing for microwave radio technologies in Ericsson, I have interacted to many microwave and radio research teams in several countries, e.g., Sweden, Italy, Norway, Germany, etc. My interactions with many researchers of PhD degree holder in Ericsson provided me the spirit to continue my study in telecommunication engineering research. Also, after 5 years in this company, I have been reached close to 29 years old. Then, I decided to resign from Ericsson Indonesia to pursue achieving my Master Degree in ITB.

I continued my study in Master Degree program at Electrical Engineering Departmen, ITB, with the option of Telecommunication Engineering and the stream of Wireless Engineering. My master thesis is to provide the contribution of investigation of LTE Channel Estimation in High Altitude Platform (HAPs) environment. I have completed all my courses with GPA of 3.82, then graduated in 13 July 2012 with Cum Laude predicate. My thesis examination defense received a mark of excellence (A). During my master degree study, beside performing the research for my master thesis, I was also performing the research on the two courses, i.e., Array Signal Processing Course and Random Fading Channel Course. In Array Signal Processing Course, we had to create two simulations, write them in paper, then present them to the professor for midterm and final final exam. Therefore, I have submitted one of the papers to the new local journal written in Indonesian language, however it is still not published yet. In the other course, we performed research in Random Fading Channel Course to measure the channel frequency response using vector network analyzer. All of mentioned above are my experiences in the research activities.

The chance to study abroad is very important for me. I have waited for so long to obtain that chance. Studying in an international environment, and being taught and supervised by professionals in the field, that I am so excited at, is a valuable experience and will be very useful for my future in professional carrier or in the business activities.

I observes that Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (JAIST) is one of leading research university and famous in the world. Professors and studens in JAIST have given many contributions to science and technology, especially in Telecommunication. Then, I am so interested to join and perform research in JAIST, provide my best potential knowledge and experience. My expectation in studying PhD degree is to perform the research in 4G and 5G Mobile Telecommunication Technology, LTE Advanced, Geolocation with Factor Graphs, Network Coding, Relaying System, etc. I expect to publish as many as possible of my research in International Journals and Conferences.

After graduate from Doctoral Degree program, I want to continue my research in Post Doctoral program to enhance my knowledge and experience in telecommunication research. I would like to have patents in this Industry. I am planning to be a Professor in Telecommunication Technology. Finally, I hope that my knowledge can be useful for Human Mankind in the world for the goodness.

Attached with this statement of professional goals is my research plan to perform the research in PhD study with the title of TOA/DOA/RSSI-based Geolocationing Illegal Radio Wave Emission Using Factor Graphs.

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