First Khutbah


Dear Brothers!

Our religion has brought into being many establishments for the purpose of providing the love, tenderness, and cooperation and solidarity within the community. First to be mentioned is our mosques, which give our hearts peace. The constructions of the Quba Masjid even before arriving at Madina during the Emigration and of al-Masjid an-Nabawî immediately after arriving by our Prophet (s.a.w.), actually working himself, show the importance of the masjids (mosques) and the congregation (jamaa) in our religion. [1 Bukhari, Azan, 46.]

It has been decreed in Quran about the maintenance of masjids as follows: ‘The mosques of Allah shall be maintained only by those who believe in Allah and the Last Day, perform Salat and give Zakat and fear none but Allah…’[2 At-Taubah, 18.] And the Prophet s.a.w.) said: ‘Whoever built a mosque intending Allah’s Pleasure, Allah would build for him a similar place in Paradise’.[3 Bukhari, Salat, 65.]

Dear Brothers in Islam!
Our Prophet (s.a.w.) has always encouraged mumins to attend the jamaah prayer in the masjid (mosque) and has condemned those who do not come to the jamaah without excuse. In addition, He has also expressed that the prayer performed in jamaah is more valuable than of in single. He informed us that every step of the one who goes to a masjid (mosque) to perform a prayer would cause to eradicate the sins and to go up of his degree with
Allah.[4 Muslim, Masajid 51.]

With this belief, the Muslims of all times have built mosques and have shown special care to perform their prayers in
jamaa. Since, the ornament of the mosques is congregation. The mosques are the most liked places by Allah. The verse of ‘And masjids are for Allah. So invoke not anyone along with Allah’ [5 Al-Jinn, 18.] has expressed that the mosques are for Allah alone and for worshipping to Allah. To attend the jamaa in mosques is being a guest of Allah. We should not forget that the development and the reviving of those blessed places both physically and spiritually is only with congregation.

Dear Brothers!

The mosque is like oil lamp that shines continuously and enlightens its environment for the social services and relations of the area, which it is located in. The people coming to the mosque get acquainted with each other there. Then the ties of love and respect between them develop. They visit patients, look for remedies for problems of people in need.

They refresh the soul of brotherhood, sharing and equality there. The mosques cause people to love each other. Thus, Let’s know that the mosques are our common hearts and that if life exists there will be life with us as well. Let’s not forget that our hearts and souls depressed, bored and fallen in hopelessness would refresh and gain dynamism. Let’s also know that we can say a stop to the deceptive and endless desires of the world with the soul gained there. Therefore, let’s endeavor to develop our masjids physically and spiritually.


Khutbah Kedua / Doa / Second Khutbah

20140516-080346.jpg 20140516-080859.jpg 20140516-081309.jpg

doa ampunan dosa untuk semua

20140516-093540.jpg 20140516-093915.jpg

doa nabi adam

dikabulkan doa

doa penutup




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