IEICE General Conference Template, English Version

I make this template because I got difficulty during install the english version of IEICE General Conference template in the IEICE website. The difficulty is appeared because the template requires to install pLaTeX2e for supporting the Japanese character. I failed to install pLaTeX2e in my Texmaker. My colleague requests me to share this template in my blog to help others that have same problem with me. This conference is very useful for us to make the networks between scientist in Japan as well as to obtain the updated technology in Japan. We have to make the good paper to this paper to make us confidence to present our research results. You can download the template in here. The template is contains of these file as follow:

ieice tempate file


The template is shown as below:

ieice template


The guidance to make the paper can be found in here.


My article (in bahasa Indonesia) regarding how to write the scientific paper can be seen in here.

Here is my abstract can be download in  I will present in IEICE General Conference at 11 March 2015. Please pray for me that Allah gives easiness and smoothness for all of my activity 🙂

Schedule and place of my presentation is in here:

Berikut ini abstrak paper saya di IEICE General Conference, bisa dilihat di sini, yang akan saya presentasikan 11 Maret 2015, insya Allah, minta doanya semoga diberikan kemudahan dan kelancaran oleh Allah 🙂

My ID Card of The 2014 IEICE General Conference


During my presentation


Satu Balasan ke IEICE General Conference Template, English Version

  1. Shofi berkata:

    Barakallah Pak Reza. Banyak sekali yang dishare, tapi saya jadi deg-degan karena belum pernah membuat paper ‘sungguhan’

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